‘Zounds!, It’s Just Around the Corner!

Artwork - Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Artwork – Stephanie E.M. Coleman

Hi Brawlers!

Just thought we’d let you know that we’re sorry things have been a little slow with the podcast of late but that we’ll be back with the last three acts of Richard II soon.

I’m sure you’ll forgive us when you find out why though: we’ve been hard at work on the next issue of ‘Zounds!

Exciting, right? The submissions are in (and they’re awesome!) and we’re just putting the final touches on everything so we’ll be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks!

We’ll let you know where the party’s at – and where you can get your 2nd issue of ‘Zounds! – as soon as we’re ready to launch!

Stay tuned for more news in the new few days!

But hey, while you wait for the next issue to come out, why not catch up on your reading by getting your hands on our previous issue of ‘Zounds: Act I, scene i: one to seventeen?

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