The Bard Brawl is currently accepting submissions to the third edition of ‘Zounds! a Bard Brawl Journal. 

Join us.

Artwork - Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Artwork – Stephanie E.M. Coleman


For the third instalment of the greatest English Renaissance themed journal in the history of the universe we have chosen a theme inspired by the halls of power corrupted by ambition, greed, vengeance and sometimes straight up psychological trauma:


“O! let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven;
Keep me in temper; I would not be mad!”
– King Lear, 1.5.51


William Shakespeare’s work is littered by the acts of mad kings. The most obvious example to use as inspiration is Lear, but scratch the surface of Richard III, Richard II, Henry IV, John, Leontes and many more and one can always find a little of the crazy.

Be as literal or as abstract as you like, but always be brawly.

As a bonus, ‘Zounds! is running its first ever writing and art contest in this edition.

It is highly recommended that you pick up a past copy of ‘Zounds! to get an idea of the type of material we print. You can order a copy here.

Email your best creative non-fiction, fiction, artwork or poetry submissions to

Use high resolution JPEGs for artwork.

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