Welcome to the Bard Brawl; everything a Shakespeare nerd has ever wanted.

The Bard Brawl is the collaborative effort of Concordia University graduates Eric Jean and Daniel J. Rowe. The two brawlers started meeting in summer 2009. They met once a week and read through one act of one of Shakespeare’s plays or a major section in a long poem. The weekly groups grew to include regular brawlers Stephanie E.M. Coleman, Dan Pinese, Benny Hedley, Melissa Allina-Tayler, Andre Simoneau, Miki Laval, Niki Lambros and David Wheaton.

Bard Brawlers are readers of Shakespeare. They are ready to fight it out and understand the plays to their fullest if it is the last thing they do.

The Bard Brawl blog and podcast began out of the groups in the summer of 2012. The podcasts are divided into three types currently: plays, speeches and poems.

‘Zounds!, a Bard Brawl Journal was launched by the brawlers in February 2014.

Artwork - Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Artwork – Stephanie E.M. Coleman

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The play podcasts go through one act per episode with a bonus sonnet bookending each episode. Each episode features a reading of the entire act interspersed with reflections, discussion and outright tomfoolery.

Each play is followed by a “speeches” podcast where Jean, Rowe, and whoever else decides to join pick out select speeches from the play that has just been read.

The poem podcast feature either a section of a long poem, or five sonnets with discussion of the poems in turn.

The Bard Brawl also features a gallery of artwork inspired by Shakespeare, as well as critiques of the various film and theatre versions of Shakespeare’s plays.

Email – bardbrawl@gmail.com

Twitter – @theBardBrawl

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