The Merchant of Venice

(Courtesy Bard on the Beach; photo & Image Design: David Cooper & Emily Cooper)

Act I;

Daniel J. RoweEric Jean, Benny Hedley, Melissa Allina-Taylor, with Maya Pankalla reading Sonnet 14

Act II;

Daniel J. RoweEric Jean, Miki Laval, Andre Simoneau, Stephanie E.M. Coleman with Miki reading Sonnet 16

Act III;

Daniel J. RoweEric Jean, Benny Hedley, Miki Laval, Melissa Allina-Taylor with Melissa reading Sonnet 98

Act IV;

Daniel J. RoweEric Jean, Rebecca Salomon, Amrit Sanger, Arndell Leblanc, Julian Mei, Stephanie E.M. Coleman, Stefani Forster, with Melissa Myers reading Sonnet 15

Act V;

Daniel J. Rowe, Eric Jean, John dit Jack Konorska, Melissa Myers with Stephanie E.M. Coleman reading Sonnet 13

The Speeches

Daniel J. Rowe and Eric Jean go through some of their favourite speeches from the Merchant of Venice with Kayla Cross reading Sonnet 5.

Merchant of Venice on stage:

The Merchant of Venice (2017), Bard on the Beach.

Director: Nigel Shawn Williams. Critiqued by brawler Daniel J. Rowe.

Merchant of Venice on Film:

Merchant of Venice, (2004);

Director, Michael Radford; screenplay, Michael Radford. Critiqued by brawler Andre Simoneau.

Merchant of Venice on Page:

Moore, Christopher. The Serpent of Venice; Harper Collins, 2014.

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