Timon of Athens


Act I

Eric JeanDaniel J. RoweStephanie E.M. Coleman, Rebecca Salomon, Brian Rowe and Kathleen Rowe with bonus sonnet 38 read by Terry.

Act II

Artwork - Leigh MacRae
Artwork – Leigh MacRae

Eric JeanDaniel J. Rowe, and first-time brawler Nick MacMahon with sonnet 45 read by Andre Simoneau.


Eric JeanDaniel J. Rowe, and Nick MacMahon with the beautiful Zoey Baldwin reading sonnet 56.

Act IV

Eric JeanDaniel J. RoweStephanie E.M. Coleman and blast from the past Shaun Malley and a first time sonneteer introduction of David Kandestin reading sonnet 33.

Act V

Eric JeanDaniel J. RoweStephanie E.M. Coleman and Nick MacMahon with sonnet from 53 by the legendary sonneteer Maya Pankalla.

The Speeches

Eric Jean, and Daniel J. Rowe go through the play and choose a couple of their favourite speeches while a cat walks by.

Artwork - Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Artwork – Stephanie E.M. Coleman

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