The Sonnets

Artwork – Stephanie E.M. Coleman

1-5; Stephanie E.M. Coleman, Melissa Myers, Esther Viragh, Virginie Tremblay and Kayla Cross

6-11; Laura Pellicer, Melissa Myers, Virginie Tremblay, Kayla Cross, Maya Pankalla and Esther Viragh

12-17; Kayla Cross, Stephanie E.M. Coleman, Maya Pankalla, Melissa Myers, Miki Laval, and Hanah Dorozio

Sonnets 1-17

18-23; Leigh MacRae, Kayla Cross, Melissa Myers, Esther Viragh, Maya Pankalla and Stephanie E.M. Coleman.

24-29; Erin Byrnes, Zoey Baldwin, Laura Pellicer, and Hannah Dorozio. 

Artwork - Leigh McRae
Artwork – Leigh McRae

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