Andre Simoneau

Andre Simoneau is a traveler of landscapes physical and spiritual. Though an accomplished actor, writer and director in theatre and television (the thing before the internet), he now happily earns his keep building things.

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Summer, 2014 – T

Poem, Titus and Timora (simply put: wrath)


Characters read:

CoriolanusCaius Marcius Coriolanus, Virgilia

Henry VI, part IBishop of Winchester, Joan de Pucelle (Joan of Arc), Richard Plantagenet/Duke of York, John Talbot (son)

Merchant of Venice: Morocco, Gratiano, Shylock, Aragon

Pericles: Prince Pericles of Tyre

Taming of the Shrew: Lord, Lucentio, Grumio

Titus AndronicsTitus Andronicus, Nurse

Twelfth Night: Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Lady Olivia, Curio


Sonnets Read: 35, 37, 45, 47



The Merchant of Venice (2004), Michael Radford (director)

Andre Simoneau

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  1. Hey Andre just hoping to catch up, check your twitter. You’re the best, all my regards.

    The Oldfield family

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