Jay Reid

Jay Reid is a writer/director of several films. He is the Bard Brawl’s social media coordinator. Watch the trailer to his latest film Byline.

Characters Read:

Coriolanus: Cominius, First Citizen

Henry VI, part I: Thomas Beauford/Duke of Exeter, Duke of Alanson, Mayor of London, Edmund Mortimer/Earl of March, Sir Thomas Gargrave, King Henry VI, Earl of Warwick, Sir John Falstaff

King Lear: Edmund the Bastard, Duke of Cornwall, Duke of Burgundy

Pericles: Prince Pericles

Taming of the ShrewBaptista, Curtis, Vincentio

Twelfth Night: Sir Toby Belch, Priest


Coriolanus, Ralph Fiennes (director)

Scotland, Pa., Billy Morrisette (director)

Jay Reid
Jay Reid

Jay Reid (the dark times)
Jay Reid (the dark times)

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