Stephanie E.M. Coleman

Stephanie is an artist, designer and musician as well as brawler. Visit her site.


Summer, 2014 – T

Article, The Meggings Make the Man

Winter, 2014 – One to Seventeen


Characters read:

CoriolanusJunius Brutus, Valeria, other citizen, senator, soldier

Henry VI, part IDuke of Bedford, Bastard of Orleans, Woodvile the Lieutenant, Thomas Beauford/Duke of Exeter, Earl of Suffolk, Vernon, Duke of Burgundy, Sir William Lucy, Duke of York, Master Gunner’s boy

King Lear: Earl of Kent, Regan,

Merchant of Venice: Launcelot, Portia, Salerino

Pericles: Dionyza, Lychorida, Escanes, Lysimachus, Antiochus’ daughter, lord, fisherman

Richard II: Thomas Mowbray/ Duke of Norfolk, Sir John Bushy, Earl of Northumberland, Aumerle, gardener

Romeo and Juliet: Benvolio, Prince Escalus, Potpan, Lady Capulet

Taming of the Shrew: Katherina, others

Timon of Athens: Painter, Alcibiades, Flaminius

Titus Andronicus: Lucius, Demetrius

Twelfth Night: Valentine, Fabian, Malvolio, Viola (briefly)

Sonnets Read: 1, 13, 23, 52

Artwork:  Visit the Bard Brawl Gallery to see Stephanie’s artwork


Stephanie E.M. Coleman
Stephanie E.M. Coleman

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