Eric Jean

Eric Jean is co-founder and co-captain of the Bard Brawl, as well as co-editor of ‘Zounds! Shakespeare credentials include owning a cat named Desdemona and a LEGO® Hamlet figurine. Oh, and he’s spent a bunch of years in school learning about this stuff, too.


Summer, 2014 – T

Winter, 2014 – One to Seventeen

Characters Read:

CoriolanusCominius, Volumnia, Brutus, Adrian, Citizens, Coriolanus

Henry VI, part IDuke of Gloucester, Earl of Salisbury, King Henry VI, Basset, General, Margaret

King Lear: Earl of Gloucester, Goneril, Fool, King of France

Merchant of Venice: Antonio, Nerissa, Launcelot, Gobbo, Lorenzo, Salerio

Pericles: Gower, Cleon, Princess Thaisa, Cerymon, Marina, sailor, pirate, fisherman

Richard II: King Richard II, Duchess of Gloucester, Lord Ross, Sir John Bagot, Harry Percy, Duke of York, Northumberland

Romeo and Juliet: Montegue, Capulet, Abram

Taming of the Shrew: Tranio, others

Timon of Athens: Lord Timon, Lucius, Hortensius, Philotus, Lord

Titus AndronicusSaturninus, Chiron, Mutius, Young Lucius

Twelfth Night: Duke Orsino, Antonio, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Priest

Film Critiques:

The First Part of Henry the Sixth, (1983), Jane Howell (director)

Stage Critiques:

Othello, (the Segal Centre, 2013), Alison Darcy (director)

The Changeling (The Montreal Wolfpack, 2014), by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, David Latham (director)

Harry the King, (Repercussion Theatre, 2014), Paul Hopkins (director)

Bard Fiction, (Beyond the Mountain Productions, Mainline Theatre, 2014), Christopher Moore (director)

Twelfth Night, (Repercussion Theatre, 2015), Amanada Kellock (director)

Julius Caesar, (Repercussion Theatre, 2016), Amanda Kellock (director)


Book Reviews:

McCreery, Conor and Anthony Del Col. Kill Shakespeare; IDW Publishing.


Eric Jean, co-creator of the Bard Brawl.
Eric Jean, co-creator of the Bard Brawl.

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